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“I have known Kerby’s interest in Feng Shui for many years. His interest and enthusiasm on the subject matter certainly bestow onto him the title of Master by everyone who knows him. To interpret accurately in English an ancient oriental art form applicable to a world we live in today can only be achieved through sheer love of the subject beyond all other consideration. Like the old saying says, ‘goes seek and you shall find is applied here’. Congratulations Kerby on your third book, I suspect there is more to come.”
Patrick Lee, CEO & ED, Allied Properties (Listed in Hong Kong)

“Kerby has always been kind to share his knowledge of Feng Shui with me when I need some personal advices. It is great to know there is a book of his hard works and insight that one can refer to.”
Tony Lee, CEO & ED, Shenyin Wanguo (HK) Ltd. (Listed in Hong Kong)

“Congratulations Kerby on your commendable effort to bring the appreciation of the ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui to the English speaking world.”
Dato John Wong, Executive Director, COL Capital (Listed in Hong Kong)

“I am totally impressed by your expansive and exponential Feng Shui knowledge and put it to pragmatic usage in this modern world.”
Francis Tiong, CEO & ED, Chinese Media International (Dual listed in HK and Malaysia)
Vice Chairman of One Media Group Limited (Listed in Hong Kong)

“Congratulations Kerby in your efforts in pursuing the knowledge of the unknown, solving the unsolvable, demystifying the mystery, and establishing some order in a world of disorder. Good work!”
Harry Pang, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Master Kerby Kuek, Chief Disciple of Xuan Kong Zhang Pai, has been practicing Feng Shui and Life Reading for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise include Chinese Astrology, Name Analysis, Face Reading and I-Ching. Kuek holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (Newport University, USA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Manage”


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ISBN: 978-962-8994-82-3