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Baby CEO

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“Looking Back And Then Striding Forward:

The year 2006 is coming. Angel Tong, the baby CEO cherish the happiness while she’s looking back on the past years.
Less than one year after she established her first beauty salon, she launched a branch of her business with more than 10 beds.
She was in her early twenties at that time.
Many people would take it as a great success for a young girl.
But she did not take it as a success.
She thought it was the result of her effort. Time flies away and years goes by like shuttles, now her company is greeting its eighteenth anniversary.
Memory about her company’s starting stage is deeply implanted in her mind.
For ten years, her continuous management concept is to emphasize the importance of getting slim and living healthily.
She will strive for the beautiful dream with utmost efforts.
As the main theme of this book: There is always unhappiness in one’s life. She knows that one cannot live a peaceful life all the time. One cannot avoid encountering frustrations, but it’s hard and important for people to face and overcome the difficulties. She would like to encourage those who are having tough difficulties. She often says, “when it gets darker and darker, the sun is going to rise soon! The sky will clear up ultimately! You should believe that you could stride forward to approach the success. Success is the height you jump from the bottom of the valley in which you fall into.”

Angel Tong’s knowhow of success:
– The Rise of a Young Beauty Entrepreneur
Starting at teens and becoming president at twenties
– From a refractory girl to a mature discreet steerer
– A charismatic woman
– A smiling boss in employees’ eyes
– Learning from the vanity fair
– Returning the human community with beauty and loving care
– An honest confession of a successful president
– A revelation to the noble rise out of the secular world”


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